Things to keep in mind when looking for new UK casinos

With so much competition it has never been harder to keep up with the best new casinos. Online gambling is a flourishing industry and as a consumer you can benefit from that as well. The more competition there is, the better offers casinos must offer consumers to attract their business. Not every casino is equal and many times casinos will run regular promos that mean that staying on top of the best offers requires casino hopping. This article will give you some tips to make sure you stay on top of all the hot new uk casino sites.

Finding the best new casinos

It’s hard to stay on top of all the different casino offers when there are so many online casinos to keep track of. You could use search engines to find new casinos, but be careful of the results. Search terms such as “hot new uk casino sites” will bring up plenty of results, but a significant portion of the results will no doubt be paid advertisements targeting people using similar keywords. Every casino claims that theirs is the best, so how do you separate the wheat from the chaff and find the ones that are genuinely good?

Using casino comparison sites

Casino comparison sites collect and aggregate data across a wide variety of different casino sites. In theory, they should offer a broad comparison of different casinos using data relevant to you, such as their sign up bonuses, the amount of games on offer, the fees they charge and more. Many comparison sites will also allow registered users to leave ratings and reviews for each casino. You may even be able to rank all the casinos by custom metrics; for example, if you are only interested in the casino with the biggest jackpots, you will be able to search by that.

Comparison site pros and cons

As with everything else, comparison sites have their pros and cons and are not a simple answer. Casino comparison sites can be ‘sponsored’ by certain casinos who essentially buy their way to the top of the results. You can help combat this by not relying on one single source for all your information. Try to vary the comparison sites you use and take note of any fine print or notices that state the comparison site was paid to promote certain casinos – under UK law they are legally obliged to label any advertising as such, but you cannot always rely on that being obeyed.

Trust your instincts

As with everything in life, you cannot always believe what you read and if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. One great tip is to join and participate in an online gambling community. There are plenty in existence, from dedicated websites to Facebook groups. You can find one relevant to your local area and then start asking community members for tips and opinions. This is often the best place to find impartial information.

Pay attention to any links users might post – have a look at the URL and read what it says. Does it contain any text after the domain identifier (i.e .com. etc)? Many casinos operate referral programmes which means that users are given a specific link to use and any revenue generated by people who follow their link and them gamble is shared with them. This is essentially paid marketing and the person offering the link stands to gain from you using it, so be aware of this possibility. Many gambling communities prohibit referral links to prevent this sort of seedy advertising, but it’s not inherently bad. If the user is open and honest about using a referral link, then you can help them out by following it. But if the user tries to hide it or fails to mention it then it becomes difficult to trust that person’s objectivity.

Gambling safely and securely online

There’s not really much more to keep in mind when gambling online than in any other situation where your financial information is charged and stored online. The major difference with online gambling is that you cannot know how heavily the odds are stacked against you in online casino games such as slots. This is where the power of the gambling community and their feedback comes in handy – by chatting and engaging with other gamblers, you can combine their feedback to create a balanced picture of the best online casinos.