How To Bag Some Hot Free Spins At UK Casinos

When it comes to gambling online, there are many different ways that promoters and organizations will try to persuade potential players to click on their site. While many people might claim that these offers are illegitimate or that they resemble “click bate” advertising, the fact of the matter is that these promoters and organizations are actually offering a great way for any potential player to try out a new game.

Online casinos want people to try their hand at different games in order to spread out the playing field a little bit. Some people play a certain type of poker too much, while others have played black jack their whole life. In these circumstances, a free spin at another game, maybe a slot machine, might help you get out of a rut. The same principle of “restraint, balance, and moderation” that can be found in almost any sort of aspect in life can be applied to online gambling as well. Playing your hand at a new game might help your brain recharge and relax from the onslaught of just playing Texas hold ’em all the time. Below we are going to talk about the many different ways that casinos can offer up certain types of no wager free spins.

Signing Up To Online Casinos For A Sign-Up Bonus

This is almost self explanatory. When you sign up to a new online casino the website might offer a sign-up bonus that allows newly registered users a free spin or two, depending on the site. While this is a great way to get a feel for a new online casino site, and how it operates, this might not be the best way to go about getting an online casino bonus of your choosing.

No Deposit Required

These types of promotions can be seen all over the net. While they may not necessarily be shown on casino websites in particular, they can be accessed, as just mentioned, from almost any site. These promotions often pop up in the form of flashing, blinking lights and messages urging the user to try a free round or two with “no deposit required”. The term “no deposit required” does not mean that, if you win, you can cash out your earnings immediately, it instead allows a user or player to match some of the wagering requirements of another round in order to withdraw.

Deposit Required Casino Free Spins

Sure, this promotion type allows a player to make a certain number of free spins depending on the initial amount deposited, instead of just one sample spin, but it doesn’t mean that a player can have “x” amount of free spins just because they made a deposit.

Recurrent Free Spin Promotions For Regular Members

Recurrent, or ongoing free spin promotions may be offered by certain online casinos, but only to loyal customers. If a player is frequenting a certain site, that player could in fact be eligible for ongoing free spins should they stick with that particular online casino, checking for promotions on a regular basis.

The best part about this free spins technique is that one could essentially become a member to an onslaught of online casinos, keeping a checklist and calendar at bay, following trends as to when free spin promotions are offered the most, and where. Of course, this last little tricky technique is for the adamant, persistent spinner, and not for the feint of heart!

No Deposit Free Spins At Brick And Mortar Casinos?

Hold on a second, do real, tangible casinos offer free spins as well?! Not really. However, many casinos will offer incentives for players to keep playing. These incentives come in the form of free drinks, free finger sandwiches, or in the form of a dinner voucher or gift certificate.

While casinos may not feel obliged to give out free spins at their establishments, they may still try and get a player to stay at their establishment by offering these incentives. Sure, you may not be given a free spin upon entry, but, if you were going to buy a drink immediately upon entering, and find that you are offered a free one, then that first spin you take is essentially free!