The Hot Slots of Online Casino Games

Ever wondered why some of the most popular games on UK online casino sites seem to carry the label “hot”? What makes one game “hotter” than another? You might think hot casino games are those played most often but that is not always the case.

Hot and Cold Slots

Traditional mechanical slot machines were designed to follow key patterns to spread out times when they don’t pay out very much followed by periods when rewards are particularly high. The high and low yield patterns became known as “hot” and “cold” periods. Unlike mechanical games, online slots are managed by random number generators therefore the old pattern of hot and cold payouts no longer exists. Some slots might offer a higher return to player rate (RTP) and this may reflect a lower payout. The bigger payouts might be found on games with higher slot volatility: fewer payouts occur but when they do they can be impressively high. So how can these games be called hot slots? The important thing to remember here is that unlike mechanical slot machines, online slots have no memory of the spins that have already taken place. Every spin is completely random and has just as much chance of being a major win or loss even if several huge payouts have only just been won. One of the best aspects of online slots is you can usually see all the information regarding previous games including volatility and RTP so you can actually do some research to help you decide which game you want to play.

Slots: Best of the Hot Casino Games?

Perhaps the biggest draw to any slot game both online and in a physical machine is the allure of a big payout or a high return to the player. The anticipation of the wheel spin captures the excitement of a major Vegas casino. That thrill is even more tangible when increased by the chance of hitting a massive jackpot. High-tech software now brings dazzling colours and realistic sound effects which make players feel they are really playing in the casino capital of the world. Different online casinos offer better return to player values, higher jackpots or even a short term promotion to increase your chances of winning. These are the true hot slots of online gaming.

Why Play Slots Online?

For some, the beauty of slots is the ease of which to play and this may be why slots are usually the most popular casino games. No need to remember complicated rules or check out which version is played by different casinos – the major premise is the same: hit the spin button and watch the numbers roll. That’s not to say the game becomes repetitive. Every game is different with its own theme and jackpot options so you can find your favourite or mix it up if you feel like a change.

Playing from home gives you the advantage of being able to access the game whenever most convenient to you: watching TV, waiting for dinner to cook or even wearing pyjamas if you like. Even more helpfully, there is no need to worry about having the right change or having to pop to the token machine when you run out. Simply load up again by depositing your money securely online. Many sites are mobile or tablet compatible so you can play anywhere, anytime and anyhow you prefer.

Why Slots are the Most Popular Casino Games

Ever since the invention of the first one-armed bandits in the Nineteenth Century, the thrill of the spinning wheels has drawn players to take their chances of scoring a matching set. Fruit machines followed and video slot machines became popular as long as ago as the 1970s. Multi-line slot machines with many more play-lines emerged in the nineties and these form the basis of some of the best online slot games available today.

Most games are centred around a theme often based on popular TV programmes or films. Lively sound effects and great graphics make these popular casino games even more entertaining to play. Some of the most visited online casino sites also offer exciting promotions such as free spins or impressive jackpots for high-game players or over short periods of time. Bonuses include increases on the bet placed, free play and even some guaranteed winning spins. Easy access to your rewards and instant pay outs are another draw of online casino games and most reputable websites have secure customer support systems so you can play safely.