The Best Way to Turn an Online Casino Bonus into Real Cash

You have just signed up with a popular bookmaker and have been rewarded with a deposit bonus. Unfortunately, most bookmakers will not allow for the withdrawal of this bonus until you have placed a bet three times the bonus. You may perhaps be wondering how to maximize your bookmaker’s welcome bonus. So how do you satisfy all these conditions so as to withdraw your bonus deposit? You can create a sure bet with this bonus and turn it into real cash. Highlighted below are the steps.

Pick a Bonus that You Can Easily Clear

When you are satisfied that you have found a good casino to join, look at the various bonuses on offer and take everything into consideration. Go for the bonus that will offer you the most and is easy to clear. Ensure you match the bonus up with what you want to achieve on the casino. As a new player, perhaps you just want to enjoy that welcome bonus. If you are eligible to enjoy such a bonus, it would make sense that you go for it before choosing any other that might not offer you as much. On many bookmakers, you cannot combine some bonuses with others. So it’s important to keep this in mind.

Make Big Deposits

After choosing your preferred deposit method, make your deposit and enter the bonus code if required. Make the largest deposit possible so as to increase your bonus’ size. If possible, deposit the maximum amount possible or get close to it. At the same time, ensure you will meet the rollover requirements.

You should be keen on maximizing your bonus and getting all you can out of it. If you are rewarded with 100 percent bonus that offers you £1,000, make the first qualifying deposit as big as you can to take advantage of as much of the bonus as possible. There are various types of welcome bonuses. Some are good for the first deposit only, while others are suitable for the first few deposits. Whichever the case, your initial deposit should be worth the biggest percentage possible.

Start Gaming Immediately and with the Right Games

After choosing the most rewarding bonus for your money, you can start playing the games that you feel will count towards your rollover requirement to enable you clear the bonus fast. This is because some bookmakers attach time limits to bonuses and so you cannot afford to waste any time.

Choose games that will help you in meeting the requirements the fastest and utilize them so as to clear your bonus as quickly as possible. Slots are always a safe bet! If possible, avoid playing any other games until you clear your bonus. This will ensure you do not waste your time on games that will not help you in clearing your bonus. You therefore reduce the chances of running out of time. Once you clear casino bonus, you will be in a position to enjoy any game you desire without having to worry about boos timelines. Remember that for you to clear the bonus, you will need to meet all the casino wagering requirements. If you have to choose among games offering you more points, then go with the one giving you the best winning odds.

Avoid Cashing Out Too Early

Make sure you know all the things that could risk your chances of getting this bonus. For example, there would be no need trying to cash out before clearing your bonus, especially when it is stipulated in the casino’s terms and conditions. For some casinos, you lose your bonus the moment you attempt to do this. Your main focus should be to get the bonus. Do not play on other casinos with your bonus pending. With the right casino to play at, working towards meeting your requirements should be fun and you will always look forward to logging into your account.


Online casino bonuses can be very useful for both new and regular players. Since you cannot combine many bonuses with others, you will find yourself caught in the middle of things that will make it impossible for you to take advantage of other offers until you meet all the requirements for your pending bonus. The best part is that once you access the bonus funds, you can use it to play more games, or you can choose to withdraw the funds. That is the best way to turn your online casino bonus into real cash.