Pot odds for beginners – How to use and calculate pot odds in online casinos

Learning how pot odds work might sound very challenging and over-ambitious to recreational poker players or beginners. However, it’s a lot more challenging and over-ambitious to step into poker expecting to win without learning the essential basics first. The other reason to obtain a sound knowledge of poker’s concept is to prevent future drawbacks of copying games from smart players without a clear understanding of the fundamental theory at its core. Diving into the gameplay without first learning how to play poker is quite common among players, and it usually leads to very costly mistakes.

What are Pot Odds?

Pot odds in poker takes into account the total number of outs you already have, which are the cards that can enhance your hand and correlates them to the amount of offer you should call, for you to see the next card.

This form of calculation ultimately ascertains whether beckoning to chase your offer is a profitable game in the long term. Therefore, poker pot odds are significant. As you play poker online, remember that the game is all about winning in the long run than in short customised sessions. With the following info on poker pot odds, it’s most probable that you will make various +EV decisions in table games.

Calculating Your Pot Odds

Reading Your Pot Odds as Fractions, Ratios, and Percentages

If you hold a 33% probability of enhancing your hand, the fraction gets expressed as 1/3. In each of the three times, you beckon trying to improve, on average you will make your offer one of those times. You should be in a position to translate these fractions into ratios, for you to be able to connect them to the online poker pot odds.

In poker, you articulate the odds in the format below when you want to enhance your hand.

The Number of times that you won’t build your hand / The Number of times that you make your hand

You can use 2:1 as an example which you express as “2 to 1 odds” or “2 to 1”.

When converted into a percentage it will be 33% = 1/3 (fraction).

Pots Odds Formula

Having understood the rations relating to the chances of boosting your hand, you can utilise the same theory to understand pot odds.

Assume the main pot has $50 already, and a person bets an extra $50. The total amount in the pot is now $100, and you are supposed to call a stake worth $50. The ratio of the pot odds in this scenario is 2 to 1, or $100 to $50. The formula for ascertaining this is:

$ in the main pot initially + $ placed in the pot in the present betting round / $$$ you should call.

How to Calculate Your Pot Odds Quickly

It’s obvious that using the formulas above to determine whether you have the correct odds or not can be a demanding process. However, there is a shortcut you can use to calculate your pot odds fast.

The equation is known as the “Rule of Four and Two” or the “Rule of Two and Four”. Most of the poker players across the world use this equation to assist them in ascertaining their probable chances of boosting their hand in case they arrive at a draw.

After doing some simple calculations, the players can then quickly relate this data to the available pot odds and determine if it’s beneficial to call. According to the “Rule of Two and Four”, once you multiply the total number of your outs by four followed by two cards, you will get the estimated percentage of creating your hand through the river.

In the same way, if you multiply the sum of your outs by two followed by one card, you can ascertain the probability of reaching your draw or not.

Why Calculate Your Pot Odds

Just like strategic players count their cards in blackjack, applying pot odds in online poker will assist you in gaining a competitive advantage over most of your lesser-competent opponents. Calculating pot odds will enable you to minimise your losses and enhance your profits while supporting you to get on your way to becoming a winning player.

At times when playing, you may not have the most suitable pot odds, but in particular situations, you can succeed in future wagering rounds using implied odds. Eventually, though, keep in mind that poker game is skill oriented and you can only improve and develop with time. The more you try out the acquired skills regarding the outs and odds of the game, the more competent you get on how to use them correctly and how they work in your poker game.